Wizards Change the World


True world changers work largely by leveraging the efforts of others. One person can only do so much by himself. Through his influence over others, though, he can bring about profound change. Think of Mohandas Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr and others who have made a huge difference in the world.


If you knew how these world-changing wizards managed their extraordinary feats, could you create the same high-level of change? Of course you could! That’s what this book is about.


From the Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Learn to Present Effectively?

Powerful Presentations Help You Change the World, Poor Presentations Do Damage, Persuasion Is How You Succeed, Creating Presentations Forces Clear Thinking,

Presenting Builds Your Personal Power

Chapter 1: Wizard Precepts for Presenters

Vision and Purpose Come First, Experience Creates Change, Understanding the Process of Change, Emotional Appeals, Radical Responsibility = Power,

Question Everything

Chapter 2: Meta-skills for Presenters

Memory, Logic, Storytelling, Vocal Technique, Hypnosis and Trance, Building Rapport

(That's just the beginning. 8 Chapters in all.)


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