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If you could wave a magic wand and change the world, what would you change? The Wizard's Way principles are the "magic" you need to do just that.


  • The Wizard's Way: Introduces the basic ideas and techniques from the book
  • The Wizard's Way to Power Presentations: Real Wizards so the impossible by enlisting the aid of others. The best way to do that is to persuade those others to join your cause. Great presentations accomplish this, and the best presenters use our wizard principles.
  • The Wizard's Way to Innovation through Transformation: For the organization in search of change of all kinds.


The Wizard's Way to Power Presenting is our first workshop. The workshop has its roots in acting and public speaking courses Tobias started teaching decades ago at The University of Pittsburgh, and continued over a long career helping top performers continue to lift the level of their games, whether that be in the performing arts, business, or in the sciences.  Click to learn more now.


If you have a team--at your startup, a sales team, executives who need to communicate better, students about to embark on a career where they will have to present in meetings or at conferences, this three day (5 session) workshop can change lives. Click the contact link to get in touch and find out more right now.


Need a hand to climb out of that rut?


Sometimes we learn faster and better in a one-on-one situation. As a director and advisor to top performers and producers in the entertainment industry for over three decades, Tobias is uniquely qualified to help you raise the level of your own work in many ways. His extensive research while creating The Wizard's Way added a great deal in the way of wisdom, alternative mind-set and new techniques to his already great arsenal of tools, all designed to help you become the most effective and amazing human being you can be.