The Wizard's Way to

Powerful Presentations Workshop

Powerful Presentations Make a Difference

 Poor Presentations Do Damage

Don't risk all the hard work you've done to create a great company, product or cause

just because you've never learned to put on a great presentation.

Even the smartest visionaries have to learn how to present their projects persuasively & with power.


Join Tobias Beckwith, author of The Wizard’s Way to Powerful Presentations,

in this transformational workshop.


Attendees will learn to:


  • Conquer your fear of speaking
  • Command any audience's attention
  • Articulate and communicate your vision with power
  • Impress and entice investors and potential clients
  • Make and close sales with confidence


Much more than a sales or acting course, The Wizard’s Way Workshop will make sure you learn to tell your story in a way that makes people want to invest in your vision.


The Wizard’s Way Workshop is an interactive opportunity to learn, practice and perfect the skill set you need to communicate your vision. We create a safe environment for taking risks and learning to connect persuasively and without fear. You can even take advantage of our expertise after the workshop through online video sessions to hone your skills and offer continuing feedback for as long you need.


We can offer this workshop intensive in your own space, using the tools your founders and staff will use when pitching their companies, or in a suitably equipped space we arrange convenient to your place of business.


Five sessions, in a small group of 10-20 people, is all it will take for you  and your team to go from fearful to fantastic!

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